An Opportunity to Save Lives With Wearable Technology

Sleep apnea is a common condition that affects 42 million Americans and places them at serious risk for dying in their sleep. An addition to this fact, current sleep aids to help apnea sufferers are costly and cumbersome. Beyond sleep apnea, millions of Americans suffer with various heart conditions and other illnesses that leave them vulnerable to dying in their sleep from undetected emergencies.

It can be concluded from this reality that there is a large consumer base looking for alternative solutions to help lower the risk of serious health problems or accidental death during sleep.

Smart Watches & Wearable Technology Growth

Zoi, Inc. intends to lead the way in the future of wearable technology being utilized for saving lives. Zoi, on a basic level, is an app that integrates with an Apple Watch and other wearable devices to detect heart rate.

Zoi is expected to grow alongside the wearable tech industry. This growing industry is expected to reach over $4 billion in 2017. One in six consumers currently own and use wearable technology. As the industry grows, Zoi looks to not only be a staple in the medical wearable tech industry, but also a shining example to other companies to begin noticing the large group of Americans being ignored in terms of affordable technology for medical problems.

Saving Lives With Wearable Technology

Zoi was developed after founder Bryan Lorden lost a friend in September 2015 to sleep apnea. Sleep apnea at its best results in nights that are not restful. At its worst, it can actually result in the death of the sufferer. At this time, sleep apnea sufferers, and individuals suffering from other heart and health conditions, only have expensive treatment options available. These options don’t generally have the means to alert loved ones or 911 if there is an actual emergency experienced by the user. Zoi intends to bridge the gap between safety and cost with an application that monitors heart rate at a cost of only $4.99 per month.

Opportunities Working With Zoi

Zoi, while launching this month, is open to increasing our reach with investment partners. If you’re interested in discussing possibilities, please contact Bryan Lorden.


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